Questions I Can’t Answer

Loneliness, Isolation, Separation, Detachment, All of them mean the same and they are most vulnerable situation one can get into. With everything around me changing so quickly, I am finding it difficult to fit in. New Country, diverse Crowd, my Stubborn Nature and that one Degree. There is clearly a lot of stress. I always knew such phases of anxiety and homesickness would come but … Continue reading Questions I Can’t Answer

International Women’s Health and Human Rights

Yesterday, going through the catalog of courses on Stanford Languita, I encountered a course on Women’s Rights and Health Issues, and the Course Image had a Indian poor woman standing in a crowded street, these course had nothing to do with what I study or even what I wanted to in future, still it struck me. I felt as if I should do it, I … Continue reading International Women’s Health and Human Rights

Brian Acton

Today I am going to write about the Inventor of the most famous messaging application for mobile phones, Whatsapp. Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded world’s largest mobile messaging platform, at the age of 42 and 39 respectively, certainly proving that age is just a number. In spite of being considered old for the Silicon Valley, their contribution has disrupt the telecom business and have … Continue reading Brian Acton